Processo Seletivo para Agente do PNAE – CECANE/UFBA

O CECANE UFBA torna público o processo seletivo para nutricionista agente do PNAE.

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Reading aloud has a number of benefits both for the people who do it and for the people who listen to it. Reading aloud to the child population is something that we have to internalize from the family nucleus and home. This activity will not take us long and will have great positive effects both on the educational development of young people and in the creation of family ties between children and adults. The work in favor of reading from home is of the utmost importance. The promotion of reading and accompanying the library is essential for the development and educational process of our children. In fact, several studies have shown that reading aloud is the best way to give a child the tools he will need to be a good reader, listener, and student. And not only for its development, but also for the work that reading does in creating bonds between parents and children. According to a study by Scholastic, see it here, both parents and children enjoy reading aloud because they are special and fun moments to live in the company. Now, we must take into account a series of tips when launching to read books aloud to the children of the house, although you already know that sometimes what works best is the trial-error method. Recommendations such as: The search for a good time and a comfortable place without noise in which nothing and nobody distracts you. Reading books appropriate to their age, and have illustrations to follow the story and interact with them.